iPhone-5S-3-colors-Mock-up-modif_Cruz Verde.png
iPhone-5S-3-colors-Mock-up_Cruz Verde.png
Perspective App Screens Mock-Up_Cruz Verde.png
Perspective-Mockup-V1_Cruz Verde.png
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6thmockups__18. Pillbox - new med 3 take pic.jpg
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6thmockups__F. Pillbox - my meds - menu.jpg


for Clickmedix Company

Through the company Clickmedix, I create the design for one of the main pharmaceutical companies in Chile: Cruz Verde.


The purpose of the app is allow to the customers to access the information of their medication, the stock of medication they have and how many pills there are. Also, the app shows the nearest Cruz Verde available in order to know where to find the medication that the customer/user need.


Mockups were designed using Adobe Illustrator.