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Catalina Vasquez Ruiz
Hello there!

I'm Cata

10+ years of experience as
Product UX designer.

Welcome to my online portfolio.

I'm an industrial designer with a passion for UX/UI and product design. I've worked on some pretty cool projects, including software for underground mining, healthcare and e-commerce the US cannabis industry.

Let's chat! 

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Experience & Projects

E-commerce experience

2022- 2023

Designing product catalog management, inventory visualization, discounts, mobile usability, and e-commerce features for rewards and integrations with multiple payment services.

Wireframes for mobile kds.png



40% optimization of underground mine operations with improved data visualization through user-centered research.

ux research and personas

Carpal App


Concept app assignment for  improving car mechanic users workflows, designed using a user persona as a starting point.

Carpal app screens
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